Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pitt Rivers and Bungle rats

I really love old artifacts and the Pitt Rivers in Oxford is full of treasure! The jewelry in there has to be my favorite thing to look at in there, but there is so much to see, here are just a few things I snapped. 

The famous shrunken heads, preserved in vegetable dyes and stuffed with stones. 

A rat trap made with old film cases.

Really love all the tribal jewelry. 

Various jewelry pieces made with teeth and bones, usually to celebrate their kill.

A funny looking owl :)

Flo went into meltdown and was more fascinated by the air vents than the exhibits. 

Fighting jewelry.

Tattoo stamps.


Pyrite, I think we have a fellow magpie in our midst! 

The Natural History Museum was closed that day, but we did sneak a peek at some of the dinosaur bones. Some of them were in packaging and Flo thought they were bandaged up as they were poorly. I told her they were long gone!

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