Wednesday, 6 February 2013

College stuff

I consider myself really lucky to do something I enjoy everyday. It may not be the best paid job in the world, but there is always something new and creative happening. Here are some examples of the students recent work in progress and the new 3D workshop which was built over Christmas...I have so many cupboards I am not sure what to do with them!

Jamie, Laura and Josh working together to create a map of the world. Great Teamwork!

This is Laura's take on the 1960's  Rorschach tests, which used inkblots to anaylse patients psychosis. This is a really good example of interactive and intepretive artwork.  

Louise is working on large scale paintings of roses which have been tainted with artificial colours to depict them slowly dying.

Daisy has been churning out these large scale paitings of decay and rust, I love her use of colour.

This is a good example of the first stages of the design process, using card and paper to test things out, this is a jewellery design of Sarah's which is currently being made using brass sheet.

Adam, who is an illustration student has a great sense of humour, I just love this hippo conversation. I am quite sad I don't have any teaching hours with this group anymore.

This is why I have been called the cupboard lady in the past, I work in a smallish room where lots of things are stored for students to use.

Crystal has been cutting gold cards for days! I just love the printing process and she has created some lovely prints using this technique. Just realised this picture is upside down though, opps!

Kaya has also created some beautiful print work.

Chloe is depicting the 3 stages of pregnancy for her work, once these are finished they will really look great. The foetus will be lit up inside.

Laura has been working on a time lapse painting which is gradually turning into 3D and has now started growing moss! I can't wait to see the finsihed film.
I love finding random things like this in the department! I call him 
Strork Man!, because he is made from string and a fork.