Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Outdoor gym

My dad and sister trying to coordinate their leg movements on the outdoor cross trainer, it's actually surprisingly tricky!

                     Flo got the hang of it though!

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


These letters inspired me to make some for my family over Christmas, they are all salvaged from old shop fronts and are available to buy at the Hambledon  in Winchester, where I regularly window shop. 

Lizard print

The lizard is a print I did today, which is for a friend and also so I can send evidence and a little gift to the man who kindly donates the gold card we use at college. It's not the best print but I love printing, it's unpredictable but the process is very satisfying when it works.

Draw and trace onto card with a sharp pencil or biro, then cut and peel away top surface of the card and scratch into.
Ink up the plate and clean around the image.

Wet and blot your paper and roll through the press.

Finished print will be back to front, not the best picture but it was taken on my phone. 

Snow is pretty and slippy....

Some of my recent recycled vinyl record jewelry.

I am attempting this again... I have been inspired by Caroline Peene to re-start my blog as it didn't get off the ground before. I hope you enjoy!!