Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Camel Heads, Indoor Cinemas and Chinese New Year

This is kind of old news, but I had a lovely weekend in London with my good friend Sarah A.K.A. Migedy a few weeks back. We tried on some of the hats she makes and this delightful camels head made for a fancy dress party. We watched a funny Spanish film called 'The Originals' on her in house video projector and went to a really cool gig/birthday night at The Lamb pub in Islington. The next day to blow away the cobwebs we decided to go and celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chinatown and got chased down the streets by the dragon dancers in torrential rain. FUN!

Tea, cake and films! Such a cool indoor movie experience. 

We also helped Martin eat his birthday present, PLOPP chocolate...ha ha!

Sarah was a bit scared of the dragons, but I looked after her. 

The movements were so fast my phone camera couldn't keep up. 

Some shots turned out really beautifully though and really show the bright colours and movement of the dancers. 

Cats are lucky!

Naughty George didn't mention anything about having his work in the Hayward Cafe, but we stopped there for one last cuppa to dry off. 

We got soaked, I really should get an umbrella. 

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